Amy Sabella-Malone, LDO, MSPH

December 22, 2018
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Amy Sabella-Malone, LDO, MSPH

Amy serves as the Lead Optician and Program Coordinator for “See Better. Learn Better”, lending her 15 years of experience in opticianry and clinic facilitation to the goal of improving the lives of Jamaican children.

Amy’s first experience in Jamaica was as a volunteer on an eye care clinic in 2010. She immediately fell in love with Jamaica and has returned, year after year, to participate in eye care clinics across the country. In 2015, Amy met Dr. Doug McCloy, founding partner of “See Better. Learn Better”, and it was a meeting of the minds…both have a passion for vision care and both shared a desire to provide eye care to children. She jumped on board and says  it has been an amazing ride!

According to Amy, “See Better. Learn Better” doesn’t just drop in for a week and leave. We create lasting relationships with schools. We bring in pediatric eye care specialists and provide the highest possible level of care. The children choose their own new, frame and have their lenses custom made to their exact prescription. Helping the children find eyeglasses that they love to wear and that help them to see better, is my favorite part of everyday”.

Professionally, Amy is a licensed dispensing optician in Seattle, Washington, and former opticianry educator at Seattle Central College, her alma mater. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational studies from Antioch University Seattle and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in global health. Amy is also passionate about skills training and is currently working on an integrated online opticianry training program in Jamaica.