Tablet Donation Campaign

Buy a Tablet for a Child in Rural Jamaica

Jamaican children need devices for online school and learning, but there is a glaring disparity between those with devices and those without.

While we have provided most of our Partner Schools with internet connection, we are becoming more aware of stories from teachers and parents about the large number of students not being able to access learning materials and online classes.  In order to address this dire situation, we are launching a US$10,000 matching initiative with our donor base to buy tablets for our Partner Schools in Westmoreland and Hanover.

We have secured a great source to purchase  quality tablets in bulk for US$100 per device. Please help to give Jamaican kids a fair chance by donating any amount you can.

Every mickle mek a muckle! 


Cornerstone Jamaica, Inc. is a non-profit, tax- exempt organization dedicated to health and education for children and families in Jamaica. Our flagship initiative, “See Better. Learn Better Jamaica, Ltd.” is also a recognized charitable organization order the Charities Act of Jamaica. All U.S. donations made to Cornerstone Jamaica are tax-exempt. Please be sure to secure your donation receipt with our EIN for your records.