Ryan Davy

December 7, 2018
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Ryan Davy

Ryan Davy is a digital media professional from Jamaica who now resides in New York. In 2005 he co-founded his company XR Studio and offers multifaceted services including but not limited Website development, Website Maintenance Digital Ad creation and hosting. His roster of clients has included recognizable brands such as: Gerber Life, Standard and Poor’s and Viagra.

When asked how he got his start doing web development Davy explains, “I started a fan base music website in high school just for fun. The website started to get real popular and soon after people started to ask me to create their own site. When I realized people would pay me for this I was hooked!”

Davy graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Computer Information Systems. “I learned most of my skills by investing my own time outside of class and taking on small projects,” Davy explains as a true entrepreneur. After graduating Davy got his first job working as a Web developer at an ad agency.

Ryan credits his father and uncle for inspiring him and wants to take their business acumen and build upon it even more in his efforts to continue expanding his client base and his company’s services. Regarding how to be and remain successful in business Davy explains his approach. “I’ve learned how to stay calm, deal (with people and situations) reasonably, never under value my services and make meaningful connections.”