Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown

October 24, 2020
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October 24, 2020 briana McIntosh

Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown

Jamaican born Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown has a BA in Philosophy (London School of Economics) and is also a trained chef. Emma worked in London, UK, for five years as a freelance chef, wrote for BBC Good Food and regularly appeared on their live television cooking show called Good Food Live.  She then obtained her Certificate in Journalism at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies, New York University.

In 2004, Emma returned to Jamaica and wrote extensively for the Jamaica Observer, the Daily Gleaner and Maco Caribbean Living. She has also written two novels. Emma’s experience in Journalism over the past two decades has put her in great stance to be part of our newly established media team at Cornerstone Jamaica

Being an avid advocate for women and children, Emma has given presentations on Consent to Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club and Campion College. In January 2020, she became a volunteer for the mentorship programme RISE (Rotary Initiative for Students Empowerment) at Kingston Technical High School, where she met with Grade 9 classes each week.

Emma joined Cornerstone Jamaica a couple months after Covid 19 reached the shores of Jamaica because she wished to continue impacting the lives of children in a positive way. With her own kids in online school, she saw the pitfalls of CyberSpace and signed them up for a CyberSafety camp. A seed in Emma’s brain began to grow and blossom. In June 2020, Emma brought the idea of a CyberSafety programme to our attention. Less than four months later, she had been trained by CyberSafe Kids (https://www.cybersafekids.ie/). She has since designed and written our CyberSafety programme for Jamaican children, their parents and teachers. She is now the CyberSafety Specialist of CyberSafe Yuhself!, a name she coined off the back of a Jamaican saying ‘Wise up yuhself!’ Resolute in giving children the tools to safely navigate their way around CyberSpace in a stronger and smarter way, Emma remains a stalwart advocate for children.