April 25, 2021 Emma Sharp Dalton-Brown

Our Work is Never Finished

Our Work is Never Finished

Cornerstone Jamaica and all our partners never rest on our laurels. We look for where we can help Jamaican children and we start an initiative or a programme to meet their needs. From leading the charge in CyberSafety for Jamaican children with “CyberSafe Yuhself!” to collaborating with Hanover Charities in our “Container of Love” by bringing a 40 feet container with necessities down to Jamaica, we will always be proud to be a part of making a difference in our beloved Jamaica. We know that everyone across the globe faces their own challenges, but we hope that Jamaicans at home and abroad, as well as global citizens who love Jamaica, will reach out to help us achieve our goals. “We are making terrific progress, but as you all know, our work will never be finished,” says Gary Robinson, Founder.

Education and Technology

Cornerstone Connex: Connex was created as a direct response to challenges risen by remote learning. In addition to enhancing internet connection at 11 partner schools and two community centres around Negril, we provided over 500 tablets to primary school children. We are currently assessing our school network’s needs to find a more sustainable and wide-reaching internet solution.

Cybersafe Yuhself!: Cybersafe Yuhself! highlights the importance of empowering Jamaican children, their parents and their teachers to better protect themselves online.  This is an online school-based programme geared towards children’s needs, shedding light on CyberSafety vulnerabilities, while offering guidance surrounding security measures to limit the susceptibility of threats towards them and their interactions. We believe that by raising community awareness and opening ourselves up to be educated in Cyber Safety, our interconnected world will be safer and more resilient for everyone.

Cross-Sector Initiatives

See Better. Learn Better: This is Cornerstone Jamaica’s flagship programme which is now its own registered entity in Jamaica. To date, we have provided over 5000 screenings and provided glasses to more than 650 children in our partner school network. Our 2020 clinics were cancelled due to the pandemic, but we hope to resume this upcoming fall as we know the impact of this initiative is huge and now needed more than ever with increased screen time due to remote learning.

Container of Love: This is our newest collaborative initiative with Hanover Charities with the goal to fill a 40ft container full of necessary items to support our partners. We plan to import the container in August with goods such as school supplies, diapers, medical equipment, non-perishable food items, etc. We have asked our partner schools and organisations for wish lists that we can work off of. We are still in the preliminary phases but be sure to check our social media and websites for updates on how to get involved!

Health & Wellness

Project Bounce:  Along with Bounce Across Jamaica and the Westmoreland Football Association, Cornerstone Jamaica is looking for support for Project Bounce. This entails getting thousands of uniforms and pieces of equipment donated from various clubs in Montreal down to Jamaica to support local clubs in Westmoreland and surrounding parishes. We are looking for funding to cover the cost of purchasing a container and shipping items down.


Chicken Farm at Little Bay Primary School: One of our partner schools has a large garden and chicken farm. Their principal, Mr. King, has received much media attention for his efforts and commitment to his students during COVID-19. The farm is an additional way for him to support his students, their families and the surrounding community. Over $6,000 US has been raised to support the farm and they are looking for additional support to fully sustain the initiative. This website has videos and pictures of the chickens as well as progress updates.

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