“On behalf of the staff and students I am expressing gratitude for this rather timely show of support by Cornerstone Jamaica Inc. As this gift will go a long way in helping some of our needy students to access online education. Below is an outline as to the context in which we operate as a school.

Lennon High School is situated in the farming community of Mocho in Clarendon, with a population of approximately 969 students. Our school serves students from various parts of Clarendon along with communities in the neighbouring parishes of St Catherine and Manchester. Most of our students and their families are from low socioeconomic levels and as such found it difficult to attend school regularly due to financial difficulties. This was the issue preCovid, however with the onset of the Covid pandemic things got even worse as students were now being required to access school via online modalities. This proved very difficult for quite a number of our students. This was due to the fact that, they were/ are unable to access these modes of delivery due to the lack of internet and devices such as tablets or laptops.

At present, we have approximately 450 students who do not have access to a tablet or a laptop. Some students among this batch maybe be able to have limited access with the use of cellphones however, these cellphones are not equipped with sufficient memory to accommodate the of information communicated by their teachers. Thanks much again for this generous gift.”

                                                                                                                     ~ Frederick Lattray, Principal at Lennon High School