What was the "Container of Love"?

Container of Love was created to meet the needs of the many partner schools, organizations, and communities. The Covid-19 pandemic created more inequities across communities in Jamaica, leaving the institutions and organizations that we support to serve more families and have more needs. In the summer of 2021, we filled a 40ft container with the necessary items to support our partner’s schools and communities in Westmoreland and Hanover.  In September, we unloaded the container and delivered items to 11 primary schools, four basic schools in the Negril area, St. Anthony’s Kitchen, Mary Gate of Heaven Bok Spot, Sav La Mar Hospital, and the Police and Fire Stations in Negril. 

How did it work?

PLANNING: Our teams worked with partner schools and organizations, the Jamaican Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information, and other stakeholders to ensure we understand the needs of communities across both parishes. We created “Wishlists” for each organization and working on all of the purchasing, shipping, and distribution logistics.

PURCHASING: Once we had Wishlists pulled together, our procurement and purchasing leads worked with wholesale companies and donors to acquire items. Some popular items were school shoes for boys and girls, rice, and school supplies. 

SHIPPING: As items were purchased, they were safely stored with Cornerstone Jamaica at our Florida headquarters. In early July, we began to fill the Container of Love. Once safely packed and secured, the Container of Love was shipped to Jamaica at the end of August!

DISTRIBUTING: Once the Container of Love arrived in Montego Bay and cleared the customs process, it was delivered to Hanover parish. This is where a team of volunteers will coordinate the distribution of items to earmarked beneficiaries.

LEARNING: After all the items were distributed to our partners, we gifted the container to Green Island High School in Hanover. Our goal is for the container to be used as a space for students to use for education and extracurricular activities.