Our Mission

Cornerstone Jamaica brings people and resources together to create sustainable programs that improve health and education in Jamaican communities.


Cornerstone Jamaica is a collective of individuals with the simple but vital goal of providing educational, technological and humanitarian support to the people of Jamaica through partnership with other established non-profit 501c-3 organizations across the US and Jamaica. The team of Cornerstone Jamaica consists of professionals with varied backgrounds ranging across various industries with the desire and passion to support those in need, beginning with those in the Westmoreland parish of Jamaica.


  • Increase international awareness of the economic, educational, and medical issues facing the people of Jamaica

  • Cultivate relationships with individuals and businesses to assist in the long-term support of Jamaica

  • Increase international advocacy in regards to the issues facing the people of Jamaica

  • Ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of existing nonprofit organizations


Create ground-up change by building a community hub via on- and offline initiatives, while simultaneously leveraging personal and business connections to provide counsel, education, and visibility to existing organizations and initiatives.