Our Mission

Cornerstone Jamaica’s mission is to bring people and resources together to create sustainable programs that improve health and education in Jamaican communities.


The team at Cornerstone Jamaica consists of professionals from the education, media, nonprofit, legal, business, and medical health industries. They share the desire and passion to improve the lives of those in need in Jamaica through systematic, sustainable, impact-oriented programs and initiatives.


  • Ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of Cornerstone Jamaica programs and our original partners

  • Assist in the long-term support of Jamaica through the development of health and education programs, supported by establishing relationships with individuals and businesses

  • Increase international awareness and advocacy of the economic, educational, and medical issues facing the people of Jamaica


We execute our mission by employing our “1 + 1= 3 Strategy,” wherein we connect existing nonprofit organizations and initiatives to encourage the development of new partnership programs. Organizations working together improve the effectiveness of the programs we create and foster greater impact while improving the lives of Jamaicans.


Cornerstone Jamaica is a relatively young organization with a bright future. We are aligning ourselves with talented individuals and trusted organizations, amassing great partnerships along the way. Through this effort we intend to emerge as a leading organization benefiting the lives of Jamaicans on the Island and across the Diaspora, for generations to come.